15 Confirmed Reasons Why Your Car Jerks When accelerating

car jerks when accelerating

Advertisements 15 Confirmed Reasons Why Your Car Jerks When accelerating Over the years, cars have gone through numerous innovations, and several issues have been curbed forever due to these updates, but car jerking is one of those issues that are still prevalent in vehicles. When accelerating, car jerks are a warning sign indicating that your … Read more

Car Battery Corrosion | A Complete Guide on How to Keep Your Car Battery From Corroding

car battery corrosion

Advertisements Car owners often face a number of problems and one of such problems is car battery corrosion. While there are several causes of car battery corrosion, the fact remains that it is something nobody wants to encounter and if you are wondering what causes car battery corrosion and how to fix it when it … Read more

A Complete Guide To Know When and Why your Car Is Running Hot 2021

car is running hot

Advertisements A Complete Guide To Know When and Why your Car Is Running Hot. Hi friend, welcome to Automotorr.com, You are here because your car is running hot and you need to know why, when , how and what is making your car run hot. you are in the right place, in this article I … Read more

Coyote Engine | Ford’s 5.0L Engine with Superb Modifications

Coyote engine

Advertisements A car engine is as important as the car itself. If you are looking to buy a car that would serve you efficiently, one of the many things to look out for is the kind of engine the car comes with. Typically, it would be best to go for a car that comes with … Read more

Service Brake Assist | A Complete Breakdown on All You Need To Know [2021]

Service Brake Assist

Advertisements How does a service break assist impact your driving? Many accidents have been prevented throughout the years as a result of brake assist. We have carried out a good amount of research to deliver solid details about the service brake assist system. Service brake assist is a sophisticated safety technology becoming more popular in modern automobile … Read more

5 Easy Steps to Register a Car in New York

Register a Car in New York

Advertisements 5 Easy Steps to Register a Car in New York Buying your vehicle from an auto dealership located in New York means the dealership’s registration process will be carried out on your behalf. However, they will charge you a small fee for it.  In this article i will show you how to register a … Read more

What is Ford V10 life expectancy

Ford V10 life expectancy

Advertisements What is Ford V10 life expectancy? The Average Ford v10 life expectancy is about 200,000 miles, that is, if you take good care of the engine through proper routine maintenance. With excellent maintenance comes better fuel mileage, lower repair costs, longevity, and superior performance. You should know that the life expectancy of your Ford … Read more

How Long is an Average Car or Truck? | Guide For 2021 Vehicles

How Long is an Average Car or Truck

Advertisements How Long is an Average Car or Truck? According to various researches, you can use an Audi A4 as a yardstick in determining the mean length of a vehicle. And the average size used for all vehicles is about 4.5 meters, while the average car length in feet is 15 feet long.  This isn’t … Read more